News and Events

Citizens Advice Bureau coming to Stoke Gifford

The Citizens Advice Bureau will be providing a new service in Stoke Gifford from May 2017.  This service will be funded by South Gloucestershire Councilllors (Member Award Funding) and will be reviewed in 12 months time. 

Please see attached publicity material which contains further information about the new service which will be delivered on the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month between 10am and 12noon. 

It is hoped that a presentation will be delivered by the South Gloucestershire Citizens Advice Bureau to the Annual Public Meeting which will be held on Tuesday 16th May 2017 at 8pm at the Litlte Stoke Social Club.    

South Gloucestershire Recycling

Please find attached a briefing note containing information on the waste service changes taking place this summer.  Within the briefing note are details of the changes and how to find out more including a list of roadshows.



Stoke Gifford Cenotaph Restoration Works

The Stoke Gifford Cenotaph restoration works are now in progress with works due to be completed during June 2017.  Humphries & Jones are carrying out the necessary works which have been funded by the War Memorials Trust and St Michael's Church. 

Parish Council Secures Funding from MAF and Tesco

The Parish Council is delighted to have received funding from both Tesco Bags of Help and South Gloucestershire Member Award Funding (MAF) for the following projects:-

Outdoor Fitness Equipment for Little Stoke Park (£8,000 Tesco)

New Play Equipment for the Stoke Gifford Trust Ground (£10,000 Tesco)

New Benches and Bins (£2,000 Tescos)

Outdoor Sports (£521.00 MAF)

Floral Planter for Little Stoke Park (£650.00 MAF)

It is anticpated that all projects will be completed by the summer of 2017.



Highways England: M32 Eastville Viaduct Works

Please see attached communication relating to the M32 Eastville Viaduct which are ongoing from the 20th March 2017, and expected to take 11 weeks to complete.

Consultation on BT Phonebox Removal

South Gloucestershire Council have consulted on BT’s proposed removal of 93 payphones in South Gloucestershire.

This consultation process gave local communities the opportunity to adopt a traditional red ‘heritage’ phone box, and make them an asset that local people can enjoy.

The Parish Council have now completed the adoption of the phone box on North Road opposite the Village Green costing £1.00.  At the same time it has been agreed that the non traditional phone box on Braydon Avenue will be removed.

Arrangements will be made for the phone box to be repainted early in the Summer of 2017.


Waste Strategy - SGC

The new Waste Strategy was agreed at ECS committee on 6 July 2016.  The attached notice sets out future plans / services.  Spring 2017 Recycling collection changes. Summer 2017 bins will be exchanged/downsized.

Stoke Gifford Ward Councillors Press Release MetroBus Extension Route

Please see attached press release produced by Stoke Gifford Ward Councillors relating to the proposed MetroBus Extension Route.

Parish Council MetroBus Response

Stoke Gifford Parish Council has registered a strong objection to the proposed MetroBus Extension Route insofar as it refers to the routing along Hatchet Road in Stoke Gifford.

The objection is based on the fact that the proposed route cannot, due to existing development, provide the required unfettered progress, yet at the same time will result in the unnecssary loss of an existing hedgerow and amenity space.

The Council is generally supportive of the MetroBus concept but considers that the Hatchet Road element of the proposed extension route as pre-mature, and given the fact that there is an existing alternative route this element should be delayed until the full effect of the "Stokes Link" on local traffic conditions is known, together with the load factors associated with MetroBus itself.

The Parish Council recommends that the route to be followed from the Gipsy Patch railway bridge (eastbound) should be along Gipsy Patch Road to the Winterbourne Road, continuing along the Winterbourne Road to the roundabout known locally as the "Rabbit Roundabout".  Then turning right at that roundabout, and along Bradley Stoke Way to the rear of the Parkway Railway Station and ultimately via the Stokes Link to Bristol.



Precept 2017/18

The Parish Council have received formal acknowledgement from South Gloucestershire Council of the precept request submitted in January 2017 for £360,000 for the financial year 2017/18. 


Rolls Royce Operational Number

The Rolls Royce Operational Number for any concerns or issues relating to the site ie smells, noise etc in Stoke Gifford Parish please call Rolls Royce directly on 07968 767166.